What's in my control and what's not

Life happens, regardless of my involvement. It's time to get involved.

Do you ever get those flashes of self-awareness that let you know you're letting life slip by?

I do from time to time and it sucks.

I'm 31 and it feels like 21 was just last year. What happened to my 20s?

I've not got much to show for all the free time I've spent over the last year when not working or learning to be a better dad.

There are things out of my control

It's life, so of course there are some things I can't directly affect. Responsibilities change, situations change, people change.

Worrying about things outside my control doesn't do any good, so the best way to deal with this is to accept that they happen and be adaptable to pivot when needed.

There are a lot of things in my control

This bit is a somewhat more difficult pill to swallow. If I'm honest with myself (and I imagine this goes for you as well), there's a hell of a lot more pieces of my life that I directly control than I can comfortably admit.

If something's not perfect, the knee-jerk reaction is to place blame on some external factor.

"Healthy food is expensive."

"My car is always breaking down, I can't save any money."

"Women around here are too stuck up."

Or perhaps eating healthy just isn't a real priority, laziness is easier than learning to maintain a vehicle, and regular exercise interferes with watching Bob's Burgers.

What's changing?

There are a lot of things I'm changing over the coming months because I've finally come to terms with the true scope of everything that's in my control.

My health has been severely neglected. No more.

My relationships and social life have been severely neglected. No more.

My commitment to grow as a father and be an incredible positive influence on my son has not gotten as much attention as it should. No more.

Don't worry about having to come back to see what's good. I'll send the good stuff straight to you: