Procrastination is evil. And a thief.

An anecdote about not doing what you know you should.

I bought a big house recently.

I'm single and my son lives with his mom the majority of the time.

Everyone asks why I got such a big house.

I got such a big house so I could monetize the crap out of it.

Airbnb, long-term rentals, hosting parties, turning into a business mastermind co-working space...the options are endless.

I got the keys at the end of February this year. Almost five months ago.

I only just got around to properly prepping it and listing it on Airbnb last week.

As of today, I'm booked for over $1k in guests over the coming month (and that's at a steep introductory discount).

Why did I delay in doing the exact thing I had set out to do in the first place?

Laziness, probably. Complacency. Comfort. Familiarity. A million different reasons to procrastinate.

But procrastination is evil. And in this case it's cost me a fair bit of extra income, which I'm not happy about.

Don't let procrastination steal from you, be it time, money, happiness, or anything else.

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