Life is truly what we make it

The future is important but it's made up of a whole bunch of "right now"

You could quit your job right now.

You could get on the next available flight out of your city and create a life wherever it lands.

You could go to the gym every single day for the next three years.

You could commit to saying hello to every attractive person you see.

You could stay in bed for an additional three hours a day.

Despite the seemingly minor day to day changes that our choices produce, there can be (and usually are) massive long-term repercussions of our actions, especially those that consistently take place over time.

We must continually remind ourselves that we are either the long-term victims of our daily actions or the architects of our perfect life, depending on how we choose to approach each day.

Life is truly what we make it. Have the grand vision but understand the importance of right now.

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