I'm giving away $48,000 this year. Want a piece of the action?

Until further notice, anyway. Get it while the getting's good!

Who just gives away $48,000?

Rich people, I think 🤔.

In the interest of complete transparency, you must know this: I am not rich.

But I most definitely am giving away $48,000 over the next year.

Let me explain, and then I'll get into the details of how you can claim some of those sweet, sweet Benjamins.

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First, here's a list of what I'm not giving away, so if you're looking for any of this you're out of luck:

  • physical cash money
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum/Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency
  • prepaid or gift cards
  • gold/silver/uranium or any other precious metals
  • and a bunch of other stuff I'm not going to bother listing

"Ok Gaege, quit messing around. What are you giving away and how do I get it!?"


Here's what's going down:

I've been a web designer and digital marketer for nearly a decade now and would like to share my expertise with people that could benefit from it but may not be able to afford it.

My normal hourly rate for independent consulting work is $150-$200. We'll call it $200 because I like round numbers.

Every week, I'll be donating five hours of my time for a special someone to build/update their website or put together a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for them. 🤯

This is work I typically charge businesses thousands of dollars for (indeed, I'm working on a six-figure contract as I write this).

How do you get your piece?

There's only one thing you've gotta do to be in the running for the weekly giveaway:

Join The Weekly Rundown. That's it.

It's my once-weekly email containing a sexy blend of marketing tips, noteworthy stories, helpful how-tos, some funny videos, and occasional super-helpful product discounts that only subscribers have access to.

As long as you're subscribed, you're in the running. Simple.

Sign up below and cross your fingers:


I plan on doing this for at least the next 52 weeks but I can't guarantee that'll happen. I'll try my damndest, I swear.

One additional note

While I did say all you had to do is join The Weekly Rundown, there's one tiny wrinkle that I may need your help with:

Obviously my goal with this is to build an audience that I can develop a closer relationship with.

As such, I'd like to at least add 100 new subscribers to The Weekly Rundown every week to "activate" the giveaway for one lucky subscriber.

On any given day you can check out the progress toward this weekly goal on the home page. I need your help hitting this goal.

Please share on whatever platforms you're most active on to give other entrepreneurs and business owners a chance to benefit as well.

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Good luck!

Don't worry about having to come back to see what's good. I'll send the good stuff straight to you: