Getting In A Cold Pool Sucks (But More Clients Is Awesome)

More often than not, the uncomfortable things are the most necessary.

My son really loves swimming.

His grandparents spoiled him and got an above ground pool for him at their house (which he's at a lot).

Even though it's hot over here in Arizona, that darned pool is always so incredibly cold.

Naturally, my son wants me to swim with him whenever I'm there but I'm always so reluctant because the shock of getting in sucks so much.

Now, I'm not the skinniest dude on the planet. I've got some fat to keep me warm.

My son, on the other hand, is a stick so I know he's feeling the chill.

Also, he tells me every time he gets in ""ahhhhh it's soooo cooolllddddd!""

But he jumps in every time without hesitation because the joy gets from swimming is worth the cold shock.

That got me thinking about all the local business owners that would gladly endure the initial shock of paying a good chunk of money for some updates to their website and marketing funnels because the long term benefits of increased customers is much more appealing.

If we only focus on the money, neither us or our clients is going to truly benefit.

Just like if I keep focusing on the cold shock of getting in the pool I'll miss out on the health benefits of regular aquatic exercise. I know it's a bit of a stretch, but that's ok. We all know what I'm getting at here.


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