Everyone is a stepping stone

It's not what it sounds like. I swear.

I know that title sounds bad.

But I don't mean it the way you think.

What I mean is every single person you or I connect with unlocks a new swath of networking opportunity.

Each expansions of your network could be the one that contains the next five-figure client.

Or the love of your life.

So, while every connection should certainly be given the attention they deserve, each one is also a key to increased opportunities and potential life experiences.

In essence, what a single person can bring into your life is far greater than just themselves.

Thusly, not saying hello to that one person that one time could've snuffed out a lifetime of long-term benefits in your personal and/or professional life.

Really puts the in-the-moment shyness into perspective.

I certainly need to work on it. Keeping this in mind should help....hopefully.

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